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Ceres likes to make jokes non stop.

Texting Story

Ceres made jokes to Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Saturn and Neptune on Ceres + Planets | Jokes on you . Ceres tried to make a joke about Uranus but Uranus stopped him and laughed . When Ceres called Neptune a famous singer , Neptune told him that he was stupid and retarted .

On Pluto + Ceres | Dogs can Eat rocks?? , Ceres was worried that Pluto would eat him . Pluto knew Ceres and he thought he was making a joke but Ceres we being serious . He thought Pluto was a dog because of the internet but it was not 1st April , the video was uploaded in 14th January 2018 . Pluto wanted the proof and Ceres shown him the proof . Pluto was so confused and Ceres told Pluto to not eat him as a joke , Pluto gave up on what to say and the glitch happened .

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