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How can i be a nicer person?


Jupiter is mean and sarcastic and normally talks with the bigger planets but in the episode Earth + Jupiter | Being Nice Jupiter wants to be a nicer person so he can gain more friends.

Jupiter ready to throw an asteroid at Mars

Jupiter getting ready to thrown an asteroid at Mars

Moon facts

  1. Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system
    1. And orbits the biggest planet
  2. In 17 July 2018 , 12 new moons of Jupiter were discovered but only one has a name and that is Valetudo
  3. Io is the most active body in the solar system
  4. Out of the 10 discovered moons in 2018 July , the rebel moon known as Valetudo is the only one of the ten that does not have a retrograde orbit whilst the other moons have a retrograde orbit.
  5. Like other moons , Europa has water under its surface.
  6. Valetudo and the other 11 moons were found by mistake , NASA was planning on finding Planet 9 but then stumbled to the 12 moons.

Jupiter System