"Omg he makes gr8 scary vids" - Earth to Mars
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Jupiter wanted to text Haumea about something and Haumea said "Wuu2" and Jupiter was grumpy so , as a joke , he told her that he will report her to the police . Haumea wanted to know why and Jupiter told her that it was rude . Haumea asked Jupiter if he wanted orange juice but Jupiter said DMIID which stands for 'don't mind if i do' . Haumea was confused so she replied with "wuu2" and Jupiter kept telling her that her actions are so rude but the texting story glitch happened and he replied with "F" . Haumea texted "I am fabulous" because fabulous begins with F , and Jupiter put "U" and Haumea told him that she was not ugly and Jupiter posted "C" and Haumea knew that he was swearing and told Jupiter that she would report him to the police as a joke . And Haumea made jokes about him by calling him a baby and called him rude for not posting words and called him naughty and Jupiter called Haumea a dog and told Haumea to catch a stick .

Jupiter : Helllooooo

Haumea : Wuu2

Jupiter : So rude , I am reporting you to the police

Haumea : Y

Jupiter : Cuzz... its rude

Haumea : Kk

Jupiter : Soooo....

Haumea : ;-;

Haumea : Orange Juice?

Jupiter : DMIID

Haumea : Wuu2

Jupiter : F (Real text : Omg you are so rude)

Haumea : I am fabulous

Jupiter : U

Haumea : I am not ugly

Jupiter : C


Jupiter : ;-;

Haumea : Hush little baby dont say a word

Jupiter : [Emoji Face with Rolling Eyes]

Haumea : You call me rude but you are being naughty

Jupiter : Boy

Haumea : Im not a dog

Jupiter : Catch this stick

Haumea : .---