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Jupiter asked Saturn why her rings were so big and she told him that a hippo gave it to her . She asked Jupiter if she looked beautiful with rings and Jupiter said yes and tells her that there is a planet called J1407b and he has the largest rings and Saturn would throw his rings into a black hole.


Jupiter : Hi Saturn

Saturn : Hello Jupiter

Jupiter : I have a question

Saturn : Wut

Jupiter : How did your rings get so big

Saturn : Hippo

Jupiter : What

Saturn : A magic hippo came from nowhere and gave me these rings

Saturn : He wanted to marry me and i said "NO BUT THX FOR THE RINGS HAHA"

Saturn : Then he cried like a baby

Jupiter : Okay then?!

Saturn : I look fabulous with rings , dont u think jupiter ?

Jupiter : ??? Y u ask that??

Saturn : Ugh , i thought haumea was rude but you UGH!!

Saturn : But seriously what do u think??

Jupiter : They're good .-.

Jupiter : Apparently there is a planet called J147 b and he has the largest rings

Saturn : Oh if i find him , i will get his rings and chuck them into a black hole

Jupiter : Yeahh... u go do that , bye

Saturn : Cya


  • There is a sequel of this video called Saturn throwing J1407b rings into a black hole!.
  • In future videos , Saturn still tells everyone about the hippo story.