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Pluto is a very good friend to be friends with and has 5 moons which 1 is very boring.


The origin page of Pluto will be out soon , here is the current origin of Pluto

18 February 1930 was when Pluto was discovered , Pluto was so happy but in August 2006 Pluto became a so called "Dwarf planet" Pluto did not know this until 13 January 2018 . Pluto was really not bothered but he was a little sad .

Texting Story

In Pluto + Neptune | It's 2018 bro , Pluto tells Neptune the he is almost completing his "planet orbit" Neptune wasn't so sure about that , Pluto says that he is so close but Neptune was talking about something else . "you said planet orbit" - Neptune . Pluto thought he was a planet but Neptune told him that it was 2018 and he was demoted as a dwarf since 2006 . Pluto said "Knew that" as a joke .

In Pluto + Ceres | Dogs can eat rocks?? Ceres was worried that Pluto would eat him . Pluto knew Ceres and he thought he was making a joke but Ceres we being serious . He thought Pluto was a dog because of the internet but it was not 1st April , the video was uploaded in 14th January 2018 . Pluto wanted the proof and Ceres shown him the proof . Pluto was so confused and Ceres told Pluto to not

Google Pluto Joke 1

One of the Jokes

eat him as a joke , Pluto gave up on what to say and the glitch happened .

One of the jokes

In Dwarfs and TNO | FIGHT ME!! . Neptune tells Eris to invite Pluto so he did . Pluto asked why Eris did not invite him to the Dwarf and TNO(Trans Neptunian Objects) group chat and Eris said that she thought that Pluto was the 9th planet and so Pluto understood the confusion . Makemake wanted to know where Pluto went for the past few weeks and Pluto sarcastically said "On my orbit ... around the Sun " he was joking . 2014 UZ224 was making of Makemake and both Makemake and 2014 UZ224 wanted a fight and it carried on.