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"NOOOOOO all that text for nothing" - Neptune
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The origin page of Saturn will be out soon , here is the current origin of Saturn

Saturn in our solar system has the largest rings . Her friend Jupiter does not like Earth or Mars but Saturn is cool with them.Saturn hates J1407 b because he currently has the largest rings , so in Saturn throwing J1407b rings into a black hole Saturn threw his rings into a black hole (as the title says) and Neptune gave Saturn a 9\10 , GJ 1214 b gave Saturn a 8\10 and 55 Cancri e have Saturn a 6\10.

Texting Story

In Jupiter + Saturn | Rings , Jupiter asks Saturn how her rings got so big , she replied with "Hippo" Jupiter was confused and did not know what Saturn was on about , "A magic hippo came from nowhere and gave me these rings" Saturn replied . This "Hippo" wanted to marry Saturn because it put a ring on her however Saturn said no then the hippo cried . She asked Jupiter if her rings looked beautiful . Jupiter was wondering if Saturn wanted to go out with him so Jupiter but "Y u ask that?" . Saturn thought Haumea was rude but now thinks that Jupiter is rude . And Jupiter said "They're good" . He told Saturn there is a planet called J1407 b and he was the largest rings so far and Saturn said "Of if I find him , I will get his rings and chuck them into a black hole .

In Random Planets | ???? Venus was getting mad at Neptune and Saturn tried to break up the fight , if Venus would not shut up then Saturn will throw her into Earth water and Earth was so mad that she said "If you do that , I will get ur rings and chuck them into a black hole" Saturn said sorry and Earth "O itz fien"


Saturn has a following 62 known moons.

  1. Titan
  2. Enceladus
  3. Mimas
  4. Dione
  5. Iapteus
  6. Phoebe
  7. Rhea
  8. Pandora
  9. Tethys
  10. Hyperion
  11. Prometheus
  12. Pan
  13. Janus
  14. Surtur
  15. Tarqeq
  16. Atlas
  17. Paaliaq
  18. Siarnaq
  19. Methone
  20. Polydeuces
  21. Pallene
  22. Bebhionn
  23. Erriapus
  24. Skathi
  25. Fenrir
  26. Epimetheus
  27. Daphnis
  28. Telesto
  29. Calypso
  30. Helene
  31. Ymir
  32. Anthe
  33. Tarvos
  34. Albiorix
  35. Kiviuq
  36. Ijiraq
  37. Thrymr
  38. Mundilfari
  39. Narvi
  40. Aegaeon
  41. Suttungr
  42. Farbauti
  43. Greip
  44. Bestla
  45. Hyrrokkin
  46. Skoll
  47. Aegir
  48. Bergelmir
  49. Fornjot
  50. Loge
  51. Jarnsaxa
  52. S/2009 S1
  53. S/2007 S2
  54. S/2004 S13
  55. Hati
  56. S/2006 S1
  57. S/2004 S17
  58. S/2004 S12
  59. S/2004 S7
  60. S/2006 S3
  61. S/2007 S3
  62. Kari