Sedna is a weird dwarf planet , she says some stuff that is based of a video by Liza Koshy when Helga became a therapist for Liza when she was sick.


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Sedna says some speeches that was based of this video and makes some weird jokes.


Mercury + Senda | Ah , deaf again!

On Mercury + Sedna | Ah , deaf again! Sedna wanted to get something over with with Mercury but got of track , Mercury said "What" as to be confused but Sedna said he was deaf . Mercury needed to rest but Sedna would not leave him alone . Mercury was getting confused and Sedna called him abusive . Sedna said abusive because in the Pokemon games , when a pokemon gets confused they either hit them selves or attack the other opponent with no problem . Mercury said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" to Sedna but she replied with "No I'm Sedna" Mercury , at this point , was getting annoyed and posted some angry and sick emojis and Sedna only just found out that Mercury was sick . Mercury was so annoyed he started swearing all of a sudden (Mercury never normally swears) and Sedna replied with "Ok I will turn of the light switch" Mercury wanted to sleep but Sedna said something nice to Mercury , she said "Polite" and Mercury was confused and asked "what?!" and she was being silly again and said "deaf again" . After that Mercury started to scream like [bad word] . Sedna was confused and put question marks , Mercury replied with "Deaf" But Sedna did not put what in her message , when she texted that to Mercury said that she just texted what . The video ended with Sedna saying "Okay... BYE".