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Sun is the leader of the Solar System , he lets his planets do what ever they like unless if they do bad actions . It's quite hard because there are so many celestial bodies where he is.

Sun was originally going to wear glasses but decided not to because he learned the word "cool" and had something to do with the cold . Sun obviously didn't have to follow these rules but he decided to not wear glasses

Planetary system (Solar System)

Sun planetary system

Mercury , Venus , Earth , Moon , Mars , Jupiter , Callisto , Europa , Saturn , Titan , Uranus , Titania , Neptune , Triton , Pluto

Solar system battle

Sun was going to be a host called Solar System Battle (originality much?) He was the host and there was a bus with all the 8 planets and the 5 dwarf planets . Sun was explaining the game but then Jupiter interrupted him and forgot to mention the prize for the game . The first challenge was to diffuse a time bomb but Sun purposely didn't tell them how much time they had to diffuse it and during the challenge , they were give pliers to cut the wires . Sun mentioned that the viewers could only vote for the contestant to be eliminated when the teams merge but they were free to recommend a character or for a recommended character to debut into the show (It did not have to be a planet) Mars asked Uranus how much timed they had and Uranus said that he was blind and Mars just found out they they had 1 min . He guessed which wire to cut and became a team captain . Venus tried to do the same thing but the bomb blew up in her face , she asked "When you cut the wrong wire , does it normally blow up in your face?) . Makemake did not care because he became a team captain successfully by cutting the correct wire. Sun was astonished on how Mars and Makemake done that quickly . As Mars and Makemake chose their teams , Eris was sent to the black hole of death due to their being odd numbers of players. As for teams , Venus , Haumea , Jupiter , Ceres and Mercury when on Makemake's team and Earth , Neptune , Uranus , Saturn and Pluto is on Mars' team.