1. Eris was a male but then was switched into a female
  2. The space characters were going to have arms of their color bodies (eg . Venus would have orange hands because her main color is orange)
  3. Neptune was going to be sarcastic , this idea was dropped
  4. Uranus was going to be the bullied one , this idea was dropped
  5. Saturn was going to take care of Neptune and Pluto , this idea was dropped
  6. J1407b and Saturn was going to be friends but then turned into enemies
  7. Sedna was the first character to have a cartoon body
  8. There was going to be a video or Earth , 55 Cancri e and Neptune doing the ouaji board challenge in 31st Jan 2018 because of the blood moon but this video was to late.
  9. Jupiter wasn't going to have a ring but then they were added
  10. My channel into was the first video on Neptunes channel that is not a texting story video.
  11. Haumea was going to be male but then changed into a female
  12. Welcome to my channel was the first video made by Neptune
  13. Jupiter and Saturn were going to be dating but this idea was dropped
  14. Jupiter was going to be the respectful one but then became a jerk
    1. Until the first Saturday Fivsode episode , Jupiter wanted to be a nice person.
  15. Neptune was going to become female , this idea was dropped
  16. Neptune and Earth have a youtube channel
  17. Orcus has a youtube channel but was not created by Neptune (Lukas)
  18. Moons new moon form is the same as Vanth's body
  19. Galaxies and Nebulas don't have arms.
  20. Salacia used to be female
  21. Sedna used to be female
  22. Larissas personality was actually based of someone Lukas knew.
  23. Constellations and Nebulas (Excluding Orion Nebula) and possibly probes (Excluding Voyager 1) are not alive because they wouldn't make great characters.