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"NOOOOOO all that text for nothing" - Neptune
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Uranus isn't bothered about when people pronounce his name "Your anus" but he doesn't like it when they say he's named after a body part when , in reality , he was named after the Greek God Uranus. His best friends are Pluto and Neptune.


Uranus is a cyan sphere with some shading and a few areas that represents storms . Uranus also has a grey ring which is suppose to be titled at 98°.


Uranus is shy sometimes shy but his best Neptune likes to help his fears . Uranus does not like his tilt but he does not complain about it. Uranus is a little bigger than Neptune but he is bullied a little bit . His Moon Titania likes to help Uranus at anytime .

Uranus (Aside from Earth) was considered the first planet discovered by William Hershel on March 13, 1781. Mars was glad for Uranus but Jupiter was really mad . Jupiter is so big that the humans should have seen Jupiter first rather than Uranus , Jupiter was about to punch Uranus (No pun intended) but Saturn and Sun tried to stop him .

Texting Story

In Ceres + Planets | Jokes on you Ceres tried to make a joke on Uranus but Uranus said "No Uranus joke today".


Uranus has 27 moons named after Shakespeare characters.


Science Facts

  • Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun
  • Uranus was the first planet discovered using a telescope
  • He was discovered by William Herschel in March 1781
  • It takes Uranus 84 years to orbit the Sun .
  • A day on Uranus is 17 Hours and 14 Minutes
  • Uranus has a total of 27 Moons , the largest being Titania
  • Uranus is the only planet (In the solar system) to be on its side at 98°.
    • Because of this , his moons and rings orbit at 98°.
  • Uranus is blue because of the methane in its atmosphere
  • Uranus , for whatever reason , has poisonous snow
  • Uranus , along with Jupiter , Saturn and Neptune , is one of the gas giants / jovian planets in the solar system
  • Uranus has 13 rings
  • Uranus was going to be called King George (I think..)